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COINS - An operational indicator system for integrated coastal zone management

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  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability Indicators
  • Political Science


BOOK OF ABSTRACTS VLIZ special publication 61 2 This publication should be quoted as follows: Kathy Belpaeme, Oonagh McMeel, Thomas Vanagt & Jan Mees (Eds). 2012. Book of Abstracts. International Conference Littoral 2012: Coasts of Tomorrow. Kursaal, Oostende, 27-29 November 2012. VLIZ Special Publication 61, 210pp. Reproduction is authorized, provided that appropriate mention is made of the source ISSN 1377-0950 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface scientific committee 5 Preface organising committee 7 Keynote presentations 9 Oral presentations: coastal management 19 Oral presentations: measuring sustainability 29 Oral presentations: nature conservation 55 Oral presentations: innovative infrastructure 75 Workshop Coastal Governance 103 Poster presentations: coastal management 113 Poster presentations: measuring sustainability 131 Poster presentations: nature conservation 163 Poster presentations: innovative infrastructure 181 Workhop Climate of Coastal Cooperation 207 4 5 PREFACE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE The Littoral series of conferences are unique in the sense that they bring together scientists, stakeholders and policy makers. As Minister of North Sea in Belgium, I am honored to host the Littoral Conference 2012 in Ostend. Only a decade ago, many people considered that the North Sea policy was of less political importance. I was convinced that marine and maritime policy was of increasing importance and today it is indeed an essential policy. The shipping lanes, together with port activities are dramatically intensified in use. Infrastructures at the seaside, but also in front of the coast and further off shore are being built. Offshore energy production is becoming an intrinsic

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