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School−based Universal Prosocial Cultivation Education : Construction of the Hierarchical Purposes in Education

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  • 学校予防教育
  • Top Self
  • 向社会性
  • 向社会的行動
  • 共感性
  • School−Based Universal Prevention Education
  • Prosociality
  • Prosocial Behavior
  • Empathy
  • Education


TOP SELF, that is, Trial of Prevention School Education for Life and Friendship, has been introduced in Yamasaki, Sasaki, Uchida, Katsuma, & Matsumoto(2011). The aim of the present paper is to describe how the program purposes have been developed and constructed in order to cultivate prosociality among children. Firstly, the purposes of education to cultivate prosociality among children are explained. Secondly, the construction of hierarchical purposes which is determined on the basis of literature review is illustrated. The construction of the purposes includes constituent, intermediate, subordinate and operational purposes. The higher−order purposes contribute to the realization of primary purposes, whereas operational purposes directly relate to the effectuation of education methods. Those purpose are derived from evidence −based outcomes in the literature.

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