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Kršćanski filozofi iz vremena "srpa i čekića" u časopisu Obnovljeni život (1971.-1990.)

Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Society of Jesus
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  • Philosophy


Obnovljeni Život is a Jesuit journal for religious culture which, aside from other topics, also publishes articles of a philosophical nature. Within the scope of this historic-thematic article, the author, by analyzing some twenty years of the journal's publications (1971-1990), wishes to demonstrate that in this particular region of the world, even in an age when the Marxist worldview officially predominated, philosophers with a Christian orientation did exist; moreover, they gave considerable impetus and made their contribution to philosophy as the universal aspiration to wisdom. Regrettably, they remain virtually unknown in both lexical and encyclopaedic philosophical literature outside of Croatia. In this survey we shall be dealing with thinkers with whom the general public is probably more familiar owing to other aspects of their involvement, that is, their public appearances; nevertheless, they were also pleased to publish their works in Obnovljeni Život. Here we are primarily concerned with Ivan Kozelj, Rudolf Brajičić, Mijo Škvorc, Miljenko Belić, Josip Weissgerber, Josip Ćurić, Tomo Vereš, and others.

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