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Intelligent web page converting techniques for mobile information appliances

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Microsoft Word - 200020745.doc Abstract In this paper, we describe newly developed techniques for transcoding Web page not only with respect to meaningful structure, but also author's intention in original Web page generally and present WebAlchemist system, Web content transcoding system based on newly developed and existing techniques. Our system automatically converts a given HTML page into a sequence of equivalent HTML pages that can be displayed with important items extracted from the original Web page at the first page on a handheld device and with structure-preserving components the same as those in the original Web page at next pages that are easier for users to look at than non structure-preserving components. In order to tackle difficult-to-transcode pages such as ones with complex table structures and text mixed, we have developed two new transcoding heuristics that can extract partial but general semantics or semantic structure units only from syntactic information such as repeated tag and text sequences, the table width and font size, etc. Subjective evaluation results using popular HTML pages (such as the YAHOO homepage) show that our system on our new techniques generates readable, structure-aware transcoded pages, which can be properly displayed on handheld devices. Keywords: Web Transcoding; mobile Internet; mobile Web access; hand-held devices Student Number: 2000-20745 Copyright(c)2002 by Seoul National University Library. All rights reserved.( 2003/08/24 13:48:48

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