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Crime Scenes, 10

University of Illinois at Chicago. Library.
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Crime Scenes Chicago Police Department 4/28, 007th District, 4-12 pm, Officer Michelle Maras (blonde) and Officer Brenda Guillory (dark hair). Calls include an abandoned building showing garbage strewn rooms at 215 West 72nd Street in Hamilton Park, officers search for person. 7258 Peoria in Englewood, boy broke window, officers at the door. 7349 South Aberdeen, mother in kitchen with baby, mentally ill brother. Angelo Abraham, a black man in a station, waiting to be taken to a hospital for a heart condition. 5/6, 007th District, officers Michelle Maras and Brian Romanoski. Images include Officer Maras at a drug bust; officers in a parking lot with a dying dog, Antioch Haren Homes, 20 West 63rd Street in Bronzeville. 5/25, 002nd District. Images include an officer in a basement; drunk man with a cut head outside store; blood on sidewalk outside a liquor store. 6/9, 003rd District. 1pm onward with Officer Merill, showing a woman's body being carried out of an apartment building, died of natural causes. 5pm onward with Officer Benman (woman) and Officer Davenport (man), showing a woman with family, beaten by boyfriend, Phillips Avenue. 6/15, 002nd District. Officers show off guns confiscated from projects, Special Operations Unit 153. Officers are: Joel Kuhar (gray hair), David Salazar (Hispanic), Ken Matlob (white, younger). Images also show: Tekesha, a prostitute, speaking to officers at South Prairie Avenue and East 43rd Street in Bronzeville; woman and children in housing projects that will be closed, Peggy White (mother), Marshall (son) and Lee Lee (daughter); room in Stateway Gardens housing projects; street person Vernon Perry at 5800 South Calumet in South Side. 6/16, 003rd District, Officer Berry (black man) and Officer Benman (black woman). Images include officers searching kids in a candy store; Officer Berry searches a man in a corner liquor store at 63rd Street; domestic violence call, broken window, mother and daughter, kittens in dining room and kitchen. 6/20, 003rd District, Officer Wallace (man) and Officer Lewis (woman). Images include a murder scene (yellow tape) at South Cottage Grove and East 61st Street in South Side, showing the scene of a drive-by shooting in which a drug dealer shoots at a rival dealer and hits a kid on a bike instead. 6/22, 003rd District. A fight concerning a car ends in two women allegedly stabbed by a young woman at East 64th Street and South Kenwood in Woodlawn. Officer Barry (black man) and Officer Barbara Traylor, at 6416 Champlain in South Side, showing onlookers to a domestic violence situation, black girl and boy embracing. 6416 South Cottage Grove in South Side, man wearing a green sweatshirt is George Weatherall. Outdoor barbecue and dance party at East 63rd and South Kenwood in Woodlawn. Victim of assault in a stairwell at South Cottage Grove and East 75th Street in Park Manor/Grand Crossing, police suspect it was a fight over drugs. Officer Florez (tac unit) dressed as a crack dealer to bust buyers. Elderly woman Mrs. Mayola, reports that suspicious people are ringing her doorbell. East 62nd and South Ellis in Woodlawn, fire in planter. 6/29, 003rd District, Officers Bard and Martinez. Calls include visit to Mrs. Pinkey in her apartment, a neighbor's burglar alarm went off at 2100 East 72nd Place in South Shore. Boy at East 67th Street and South Blackstone in Grand Crossing, onlooking cops search young man for drugs. Men drinking at a barbecue at South Stony Island and East 66th Street, cops break up the barbecue and pour out the beer. Boy threw fireworks at other kids, cops talk to his mother. Black man leads cops on a high speed chase, cops search for gun, man is in possession of rocks in his pockets on South Dorchester, the suspect is put in the back of the police car and talks to the tactical officer. Young girl (Tangie, 9 years old) in her bedroom at East 68th Street and South Harper in Grand Crossing. 8/3, 021st District, Officers Oliver and Mendoza. Calls include Harold Ickes Homes basketball tournament on 56th Street, checked for car theft. 26th Street and South State Street in Harold Ickes Homes/Near South Side, Aloha Hotel. 10/29, 009th District. 83-year-old man found dead on arrival in his bathroom on South Rockwell Street, died of natural causes. PN: [#1] Emptied room in Stateway Gardens project being evacuated within the year; [#2] Lee Lee White sits in the doorway of her grandmother's apartment, brushing her doll's hair in Stateway Gardens project which is being evacuated.

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