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  • E37 - Forecasting And Simulation: Models And Applications
  • E32 - Business Fluctuations
  • Cycles
  • E17 - Forecasting And Simulation: Models And Applications
  • E11 - Marxian
  • Sraffian
  • Institutional
  • Evolutionary
  • Economics
  • Political Science


As is considered in this paper,none of the ever existing long wave theories can totally describe or correctly explain the chronic fluctuating characters of the capitalist world economy system since the year 1857. Based on Karl Marx’s greatest work “Capital” and combined with considerable quantities of historical materials such as all kinds of writings about economic long wave both at home and abroad,the paper analyzes four inherently identical waves,tries to draw a fluctuating graph of the world economy with the wavelength supposed to be 50 years,and then forecasts the future of the world.

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