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Estimating costs of traffic crashes and index crimes: tools for improved decision making. Final report

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Tubnical Raport Docvmtatiol Page 3. Recipient's Cotaleg No. 5. R-rt Dote . July 1990 6. Paforaing O r ~ i x a t i o n COA I. Pertorring Organization R.port NO. UMTRI-90-8 10. Wok Unit No. (TRAIS) 11. Controct or Gront NO. MTR-90-00 1 A - 13. Type of Report and Period Covered Final October 1, 1989- . Seutember 30, 1990 14. $onswing Agency Code 1. R q r t Me. UMTRI-90- 8 2. h e - t Accession No. 4. Tit le md Subtitle Estimating Costs of Traffic Crashes and Index Crimes: Tools for Improved Decision Making '.$B%$)F.M. and Molnar, L.J. naorgmi~mtion C, && 9~fhneVruvers~ty o!%cfugan Trans ortation Research Institute 2901 %axter Road AM Arbor, MI 48 109-2150 12. *suin* A ~ C * MH n d A Y V * ~ ~ ' Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning 300 S. Washington Square, Suite 300 Lansing, MI 48913 15. h l t r ) . Mews 1'6. AbshWtTraf f ic crashes and crime both exact an immense toll from their victims and society through injury, loss of life, and property damage and loss. Considerable resources are expended to reduce the economic and social consequences of both crashes and crime. Informed decisions about the allocation of increasingly scarce resources require accurate information about the magnitude of these problems--not only their incidence, but also an estimation of their costs to society. The goal of this study is to identify the economic impact of traffic crashes and selected crimes. Traffic crash and selected index crime incidence data from the calendar year 1988 were obtained from the Michigan State Police and were subset by county. Costs for crashes and index crimes were generated by leading experts in the fields of economics of crime and traffic crashes. These cost estimates were applied to incidence data to create statewide and county specific costs for crashes and index crimes. Cost estimates for traffic crashes and index crimes underscore the magnitude of these problems for the State of Michigan. I

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