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Teichmuller Space and Related Topics : Proceedings of the workshop on Geometry, January 20, 2011, JOSAI UNIVERSITY

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  • Hyperbolic Structure
  • Measured Foliation
  • Hexagon
  • Teichmuller Space
  • Earth Science
  • Mathematics


The theory of geometric structures on a surface with nonempty boundary can be developed by using a decomposit,ion of such a surface into hexagons, in the same way as the theory of geometric structures on a surface without boundary is developed using the decomposition of such a surface into pairs of pants. The basic elements of the theory for surfaces with boundary include the study of measured foliations and of hyperbolic structures on hexagons. It turns out that there is an interesting space of measured foliations on a hexagon, which is equipped with a piecewise-Iinear structure (in fact, a natural cell-decomposition), and this space is a natural boundary for the space of hyperbolic structures with geodesic boundary and rjght angles on such a hexagon. In this paper, we describe these spaces and the related structures.

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