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Additional Alternate Hosts of the Sweetpotato Weevils Cylas formicarius elegantulus and Euscepes postfasciatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Hawaii

Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society
Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Heritage Library
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Laboratory and field studies of food preferences and alternate hosts were conducted with the sweetpotato weevils Cylas formicarius elegantulus (Summers) and Euscepes posfasciatus (Fairmairc). Results demonstrated that carrot roots could be an alternate host for C. formicarius elegantulus larvae and adults. Radish roots could serve as an alternate host for only adult survival, for both species of weevils. Among the convolvulaceous hosts recorded, Ipomoea horsfalliae Hook and /. obscura (L.) Ker. are new hosts for C. formicarius elegantulus.

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