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Využití zrekultivovaného odvalu Dolu Kateřina

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
Publication Date
  • Hlubinná Těžba
  • Odval
  • Sanace
  • Rekultivace
  • Naučná Stezka
  • Underground Mining
  • Spoil
  • Remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Educational Trail
  • Design
  • Education


The diploma work describes issues of burning spoil reclamation in Radvanice cadastral territory. Specifically it proposed alternative use of space in accordance with the recreational and sports program, which is also the aim of the newly established reclamation area. The work is initially treated as a research influences and impacts of underground mining on the landscape. Later turning to the specific issue of the burning spoil Mine Catherine. Describes the implications of burning spoil and its gradual remediarion. In detail, focusing on new remediation method "in situ" and subsequent reclamition of the land . The model characterizes the natural site conditions, current status and usage patterns. Describes and justifies the design solution, which is followed by the scheme of informative panels of the educational natural trail.

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