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Снижение удельного энергопотребления воздухоразделительных установок среднего давления и малой тоннажности

Publication Date
  • Cryogenics
  • Air Separation Plant
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Expander- Compressor Unit
  • Specific Energy Consumption
  • УДК 536.483.001.24 (075)
  • криогенная техника
  • воздухоразделительная установка
  • жидкий кислород
  • детандер-компрессорный агрегат
  • удельные затраты энергии
  • кріогенна техніка
  • повітрярозподільна установка
  • рідкий кисень
  • детандер-компресорний агрегат
  • питомі витрати енергії


Demand for liquid cryogenic products is constantly growing. The creators of cryogenic liquid air separation plants (ASP) aim at further reduction of energy consumption when producing liquid oxygen, its extracting from the air and liquation. The analysis of various ASP schemes allows finding an effective solution of this problem for further introduction into small-tonnage plants. Applying the medium-pressure of expander-compressor unit in the ASP makes it possible to reduce energy consumption from 1.10 to 1.04 kWh per kg of produced liquid oxygen without using additional source of cold. Modernization of the investigated ASP will yield energy savings up to 216.000 kWh per year, and also will increase liquid oxygen output by 56 t compared with conventional plant.

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