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Growth, production and food consumption in a fish community in the shallow subtidal of a sandy beach

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7028 Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee Flmdun;· Ma:i1.? Jnelituts ICES C.M. 1986/L: 15 Sess.R. GROWTfl, PRODUCTION AND FOOD CONSUMPTION OF A FISH COMMUNITY IN THE SHALLOW SUBTIDAL OF A SANDY BEACH by A.Cattrijsse, E.Van Landtschoote & O.Hamerlynck Marine Biology Section, State University Gent Ledeganckstraat 35, 9000 GENT In 1985 monthly fishing was done in the undeep C4-5m below Mean Sea Level) sublittoral of a sandy beach between Knokke (Belgium) and Cadzand Cthe Netherlands) in the mouth of the Western Scheldt estuary. A 1.90 m beam trawl with a 5 mm mesh C10 mm stretched), pulled by a small boat, was used to sample the demersal ichtyofauna. Hauls were done over a distance of 700 m, indicated by two series of posts on the beach. One haul took 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the trawling direction and the current. As a rule 7 trawls were done so a surface of approximately 10000 m2 was investigated. Fishing started 1 hour before low tide in the morning, the last trawl ending two hours later. In September 24-hour fishing was done at two-hour intervals. Fish smaller than 120 mm were immediately anaesthesized in a solution of benzocain Cethyl-4-amino benzoate) in seawater to prevent regurgitation of the stomach content. Less than 15 minutes after capture, both fish and crustaceans were preserved in a 7% solution of neutralized formaline in seawater. Thirty species of fish were caught . important species being : Clupea harengus (herring) Sprattus sprattus (sprat) The most Gasterosteus aculeatus C3-spined stickleback) Pungitius pungitius C10-spined stickleback) Syngnathus rostellatus CNilsson's pipefish) ngonus cataphractus Chooknose) Liparis liparis (see-snail) nmmodytes tobianus (sandeel) Pomatoschistus microps (common goby) Pomatoschistus lozanoi CLozano's goby) Pomatoschistus minutus (sand goby) Pleuronectes platessa (plaice) Limanda limanda Cdab) Solea solea (sole) 1. Gasterosteus aculeatus, Pungitius pungitius and Pomato

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