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Industry and Society 3/75, 21 January 1975. X/34/75-E

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WEEKLY coN[EtgI's - The economy - the position and. prospects(p. 1) AgricultuTal policy - prod.uce only to d.estroy? (p. 2) The environment: where d.o we stand.? (p. 2) Survey of eoonomic trend.s (p. 2) Colza oil (p. 2) Members of Parliament and. the consuner (p. 3) Pesticides (p. 3) Consrrner price ind.ex (p. 3) Workersr housing (p. 4) Distribution structures (p. 4) Vocational training (p, 4) Consuner protection in Lr.rxenbourg (p. 4) A nuclear power plant for the United. Kingd.on(p. 5) Moton-cycles (p. 5) REPBODUCTION AUTHORIZED Bnrssels, 21 Jarruary 1975 wo t/75 * It * * * tt * 16 .tt * It * ** Inflation, uneurploSroent, a d.ownturn in tnrsinees actiwity, and balance of palments are the four factors affecting the MEDIIIM-IERIvI ECONCIvIIC SITUATION 4ND PROSPECTS. subitted W the Connunityts Economic Policy Committee sums up the position. xh+/r-n -ttll*t d.eficits A report This bulletin is published by the Commission of the Eurooeon Communiiies Directorote Generol of lnformotion Division for industriol informotion ond consumers Rue de lo Loi 200 B-1049 - Brussels - Tel. 7350040 Further informotion is ovoiloble from the Commission's press ond informotion offices in ihe countries listed on the inside cover. collsvs Text Box BELGIUM 1049 BRUSSELS Rue de Ia Lei 200 Tel. 7350040 DENMARK 1457 COPENHAGEN 4 Gommeltorv Tel. 144140 FRANCE The information published in this bulletin covers the European Communities' acti- vities in the fields of industrial development, protection of the environment and consumer welfare. It is therefore not limited to recording Commission decisions or opwwns. PRESS AND INFORMATION OFFICES OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES GERMANY 53 BONN Z itclmannstraBe 22 Tel. 238041 1 BERLIN 31 Kurfurstendamm 102 Tel. 886 40 28 GREAT BRITAIN LONDON W8 4QQ 20, Kensington Palace Gardens Tel. 727 8090 ITALY 00187 ROME Vic Poli, 29 T e I. 68 97 22 a 26 LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG Cen1

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