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1989-09-11 - Board of Trustees meeting agenda, minutes, and supporting documents

University of Northern Colorado
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MINUTES BOARD OF TRUSTEES September 11, 1989 A regu la r meeting o f t h e U n i v e r s i t y o f Northern Colorado Board of Trustees was he ld on Monday, September 11, 1989, beginning a t 10:OO a.m., i n the Theatre a t t h e Laboratory School, on the U n i v e r s i t y o f Nor thern Colorado campus i n Greeley. Those present inc luded: Trustees Chairman Robert Tointon, Vice Chairman Edmundo Gonzales, Donald E l l i o t t , Mary G i t t i n g s , Mark Grueskin, Linda Bates Transou, and Dee Wisor. O f f i c e r s President Robert Dickeson, Board Treasurer Stephen Hul b e r t , Board Secretary Claude Johns, Provost James Walker, and Vice President f o r Student A f f a i r s Nancy Scot t . Representat ives Alan Comedy, David F i g u l i , Jessica K o z l o f f , George and Bet ts , Antonio Carva ja l , Jim Hindman, Mark C lark , S t a f f Pat Ertmer, J e r r y G r i f f i t h , J e r r y Schmitz, C la rk Hendley, Matthew Walton (At torney General), Steve Palmer (SRC President) , o the r representa t ives o f t h e f a c u l t y , s t a f f and press; and Recording Secretary Marlene Rose. Special Guests Judge A1 t h o f f , M r . and Mrs. Edgar Garmany and Ms. Barbara Govan I. REGULAR MEETING A . TRUSTEE OATH OF OFFICE The Honorable John J. A l t h o f f administered the oa th o f o f f i c e t o Linda Bates Transou, Trustee f o r 1989-93, Mark Grueskin, Trustee f o r 1989-95, and Donald E l l i o t t , e lec ted Facu l ty Trustee f o r 1989-90. B. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Trustee Grueskin moved approval o f t h e agenda; seconded by Trustee Gonzales. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. C. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Trustee Grueskin made a c o r r e c t i o n t o the minutes o f t h e June 12, 1989 minutes. He asked t h a t the word "expensive" be removed from t h e second paragraph on page 4 . Trustee Wisor moved t o accept t h i s change and f o r approval o f the minutes o

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