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Ethical approach in metabolism optimization

Christian Academic Circle (CRAC)
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  • Etika
  • Optimizacija Metabolizma
  • Ethics
  • Metabolism Optimization
  • Biology
  • Ecology
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  • Medicine
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In the work, the statement that ethics can be considered as the virtue vector was a starting point to explain the need for its inclusion as the basically relevant factor in the efficient optimization of system metabolism. It is known that metabolism of any live organism is basically predetermined by his genetics properties, and dependent on the physiological state and life history of given organism as well as on organism environment. Organism environment is everything around him, live and non-live around him, and therefore the other organisms, relative and non-relative ones, which belong to the system where he lives. Every organism is disposed to life changes. It follows that the metabolism of the whole system is disposed to changes as well. These changes are dependent on activities of live organisms, especially on those of human population as dominant aware factor. Therefore, it is important to observe the behaviour of people as aware factors, since their metabolism influence the metabolism of the whole system. The existence of this system together with all its elements asks the optimal action of the man as an aware factor, and therefore the ethical optimization appears to be the prerequisite to the realization of ethically correct goals .It is also not questionable that the knowledge can be correctly exploited and used, but also misused. Mistakes should be corrected, and one should learn lessons from them, while misuses should be prevented, disregarding whether they originate from knowledge or from knowledge absence. Activities of the live world are the reflection of metabolism, and therefore there is reason to act in accordance to this text title. In the present consideration, some examples of fundamental biological relationships are mentioned in order to testify the possibility that one can influence the metabolism on ways which lead to the better behaviour of people, to more harmony between people and to the prevention of environment pollution, as well as to the guaranty for a more probable Earth biosphere duration.

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