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The Principle of the Nutrititional Treatment for Renal Diseases and its Clinical Appraisal

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The principle of the nutrititional treatment for renal diseases and its clinical appraisal. Junko Saito R.N. The Health Appraisal Center of Chiba University Machiko Fukami R. N. The Osaka Prefectural Adult Clinic Center Takanori Tsuchiya M. D. Lecturer, School of Medicine, Chiba University Koichi Murakoshi M. D. Professor, School of Education, Chiba University Since April '73 for two years, we studied the nutrititional treatment for renal diseases from the pathophysiological point of view, at the 1st internal medical clinic of university hospital Chiba University and established a new alimento-therapeutic program. The calory-rich cost is most desirable, but it is difficult to prepare, because protein intake is restricted. There are three kinds of diet; for nephritis, nephrosis and renalfailure respectively. Each diet has three or four assortments (S. Table 1) The indication depends on clinical diagnosis but blood pressure edem, RBF, BUN, plasmaprotein and urin-capacity are important references to decision. Patients with renal disease disliked these meals and left large quantity of them, but it is important to persuade them to take completely. In this point great success was gained in the patients with dialysis-therapy. We also find, that there are four types of menu arrangement to be liked by patients. We conclud as follows. The most usefull weapon to persuade is the friendly established human relationsip between the attendant nurse and the patient.

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