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Intermolecular (pyrrole)N-H...π(pyrrole) interactions in bis(2-pyrrolyl)methylferrocene, an organometallic porphyrin precursor

International Union of Crystallography
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  • Chemistry
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The title compound, C₁₉H₁₈FeN₂ or [Fe(C₅H₅)(C₁₄H₁₃- N₂)], crystallizes in space group P2₁ln with two molecules in the asymmetric unit. The pyrrole groups take part in intermolecular (pyrrole)N--H...π(pyrrole) interactions through a hydrogen-bonded ring system involving four pyrrole groups, with N..-(pyrrole centroid) distances in the range 3.209(3)-3.427 (3)Å and N-- H...(pyrrole centroid) angles in the range 127-139°.

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