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농식품의 상품품질 결정요인에 관한 연구

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  • 농식품
  • 품질
  • 탐색품질
  • 소비품질
  • 성과품질
  • 확인적 요인분석
  • 위계적 요인 구조
  • Agricultural Science
  • Design
  • Philosophy


Through qualitative and empirical research, the authors find that agriculture product quality (AGROQUAL) construct conforms to the hierarchical third-order factor structure that ties agriculture product quality perceptions to distinct and actionable primary dimensions : search quality, consumption quality and performance quality. In turn, each primary dimension has three or four subdimensions that define the basis of agriculture product quality perceptions. Specifically, ten subdimensions were proposed : function, informativeness, safety and sensuousness as subdimension of search quality, usability, aesthetics and flavor as subdimensions of concumption quality, reassurance, addiction and efficacy as subdimension of performance quality. According to Dabholkar et al. (1996), we decided to test the proposed model in three stages-a test of the three basic dimensions, a test of the second-order factor, and a test of the subdimensions. These tests reveal whether our proposed hierarchical structure is supported in part or whole. Confirmatory factor analysis based on the three stage approach supports the hierarchical third-order factor structure of AGROQUAL and validity of the scale as the measure of AGROQUAL.

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