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The mere exposure effect in choosing merchandise : An examination of impressions and categories of merchandise (1)

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  • Mere Exposure Effect
  • Repeated Presentation
  • Impression Evaluation
  • Merchandise
  • Choice
  • 単純接触効果
  • 反復呈示
  • 印象評価
  • 商品
  • 選択
  • Design
  • Philosophy


The mere exposure effect for merchandise was examined experimentally using two-alternative forced choice tasks (N = 88). Relations between the features of merchandise and the mere exposure effect were examined with impression tests for each item of merchandise (N = 67). The results showed that repeated exposure increased preference for everyday products (i.e., toilet paper, scissors, pencils), but not for adornments (such as bouquets) which were more likely to evoke aesthetic emotions. Discussion focuses on the relations between mere exposure and affective evaluations of different products. 商品に対する単純接触効果について、二肢強制選択法を用いて実験的に検討した(N = 88)。商品ごとに印象評定を行い(N = 67)、商品の特徴と単純接触効果の関係について検討した。その結果、はさみ、シャープペンシル、トイレットペーパーのような実用品については単純接触効果が認められ、花束のような美的印象や感情が喚起されやすい装飾品には単純接触効果が認められなかった。感情的評価と単純接触効果の生起の関係について考察した。

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