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The Social Construction of Mind

DOI: 10.1016/s0049-237x(09)70711-6
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology


Publisher Summary Various works have contributed refinements and clarifications to the thesis that the mentality of individuals is a product of their circumambient social orders. The chapter examines how these various insights are brought together into a systematic account of mind sufficiently clear and simple to serve as the basis of research programs in psychology, attractive enough to displace the current confusions. The chapter presents how, by bringing out the distinctive metaphysics implicit in the social construction point of view, and by setting out a clear alternative system of conceptual controls to the Cartesianism that animates most of recent psychology, the main projects of such a program can be delineated. To help define the projects of a social constructivist psychology the chapter presents a two-dimensional “space.” The chapter illustrates some of the many ways in which properties of mind taken individualistically in the Cartesian framework must be seen socially constructively once that framework is abandoned.

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