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In situ effect of sodium fluoride or titanium tetrafluoride varnish and solution on carious demineralization of enamel

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  • Periodontology And Cariology
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This study evaluated the effect of titanium tetrafluoride (TiF(4)) formulations on enamel carious demineralization in situ. Thirteen subjects took part in this cross-over, split-mouth, double-blind study performed in three phases of 14 d each. In each subject, two sound and two predemineralized specimens of bovine enamel were worn intra-orally and plaque accumulation was allowed. One sound and one predemineralized specimen in each subject was treated once with sodium fluoride (NaF) varnish or solution (Treatment A); TiF(4) varnish or solution (Treatment B); or placebo varnish or no treatment (Treatment C). The initially sound enamel specimens were exposed to severe cariogenic challenge (20% sucrose, eight times daily for 5 min each time), whereas the predemineralized specimens were not. Eleven subjects were able to finish all experimental phases. The enamel alterations were quantified by surface hardness and transversal microradiography. Demineralization of previously sound enamel was reduced by all test formulations except for the NaF solution, while both TiF(4) formulations were as effective as NaF varnish. For the predemineralized specimens, enamel surface hardness was increased only by TiF(4) formulations, while subsurface mineral remineralization could not be seen in any group. Within the experimental protocol, TiF(4) was able to decrease enamel demineralization to a similar degree as NaF varnish under severe cariogenic challenges, while only TiF(4) formulations remineralized the enamel surface.

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