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Tea tree oil (5%) body wash versus standard care (Johnson's Baby Softwash) to prevent colonization with methicillin-resistant <em>Staphylococcus aureus</em> in critically ill adults:

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  • A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Objectives: To Determine Whether The Daily Use Of 5% Tea Tree Oil (Tto) Body Wash (Novabac 5% Skin W
  • <Br/><Br/>Patients: The Study Setting Was Two Intensive Care Units (Icus
  • Mixed Medical
  • Surgical And Trauma) In Northern Ireland Between October 2007 And July 2009
  • The Study Population Comprised 391 Patients Who Were Randomized To Jbs Or Tto Body Wash
  • <Br/><Br/>Methods: This Was A Phase 2/3
  • Prospective
  • Open-Label
  • Randomized
  • Controlled Trial
  • Trial Registration: Isrctn65190967
  • The Primary Outcome Was New Mrsa Colonization During Icu Stay
  • Secondary Outcomes Included The Incidence Of Mrsa Bacteraemia And Maximum Increase In Sequential Org
  • <Br/><Br/>Results: A Total Of 445 Patients Were Randomized To The Study
  • After Randomization
  • 54 Patients Were Withdrawn
  • 30 Because Of A Positive Mrsa Screen At Study Entry
  • 11 Due To Lack Of Consent
  • 11 Were Inappropriately Randomized And 2 Had Adverse Reactions
  • Thirty-Nine (10%) Patients Developed New Mrsa Colonization (Jbs N?=?22
  • 11
  • 2%
  • Tto Body Wash N?=?17
  • 8
  • 7%)
  • The Difference In Percentage Colonized (2
  • 5%
  • 95% Ci -?8
  • 95 To 3
  • 94
  • P?=?0
  • 50) Was Not Significant
  • The Mean Maximum Increase In Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score Was Not Significant (Jbs 1
  • 44
  • Sd 1
  • 92
  • Tto Body Wash 1
  • 28
  • Sd 1
  • 79
  • P?=?0
  • 85) And No Study Patients Developed Mrsa Bacteraemia
  • <Br/> <Br/>Conclusions: Compared With Jbs
  • Tto Body Wash Cannot Be Recommended As An Effective Means Of Reducing Mrsa Colonization
  • Musicology


2013 - 2014 ...real solutions for communities ENGAGE Welcome to The SCIENCE SHOP Welcome to the third edition of the Science Shop ezine Engage. We hope that you enjoy reading about some of the community projects we have worked on with students during the past year. The Science Shop is a community research resource working with voluntary and community sector organisations right across Northern Ireland. We hope this information will help you think about your own research needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a project idea or would like more information about what we do. University of Ulster Science Shop ( 028 7167 5448 * [email protected] Queen’s University Belfast Science Shop ( 028 9097 3107 * [email protected] Music to their ears Sustainable NI are interested in how to work effectively with local groups to help them build sustainable communities. Students from the School of Geography at Queen’s worked with nine community groups across Northern Ireland piloting workshops examining issues such as water management, sustainable transport, energy management and waste issues. The students examined different methodologies for encouraging Twenty final year Ulster Music students took up the challenge to work with Science Shop community partners for their music in the community module. Rachel Houston and Michael Norton, worked in partnership with Foyle Downs Syndrome Trust, helping the group offer children music and singing classes after school. For eight weeks the students facilitated workshops that were thoroughly enjoyed by the Primary school participants, their siblings and parents. Rachel and Michael are pictured at Ulster Graduation in the Millennium Forum in July. Encouraging communities to make sustainable lifestyle choices local communities to consider reducing their impact on the environment. They concluded that different age groups responded differently to w

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