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Introducing New Members of the Editorial Council: Professor Nada Bešenski, M.D., Ph.D. and Barry B. Goldberg

Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research; [email protected]
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01 New Members Acta clin Croat, Vol. 40, No. 2, 2001 75 Acta clin Croat 2001; 40:75-77 New Members Professor of Radiology, subspecialist in Neurora- diology Department of Radiology, Zagreb University Hospi- tal Center and Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia Nada Be¹enski was born on September 2, 1943, in Krapina, Croatia. She graduated from the Zagreb Univer- sity School of Medicine in 1968, and completed training in General Radiology in 1974. As a neuroradiologist, she was awarded fellowship for professional training at the Abteilung für Neuroradiologie, Universitäts Klinik J.W. Goethe in Frankfurt in 1974. In 1995, she spent two months working at the Department of Radiology, Uni- versity Hospital in Charleston, USA. In 1999, she worked for three weeks at the MR Unit in Kiel, Germany. In 1977, she acquired MS degree by defending her thesis entitled The ratio of condensed and spongiose bone of carpal skeleton in functional adaptation of the hand at the Zagreb University School of Medicine. In 1979, she de- fended her doctoral dissertation entitled Angiodensito- metry of carotid artery in clinical practice at the Zagreb University School of Medicine. In 1985, she was appointed Professor of Radiology, and reappointed in 1998. She has been working as a neuroradiologist at the Zagreb University Hospital Cen- ter since 1974, having mastered the use of different im- aging techniques, e.g., CT, MR, DSA. Throughout these years, she has also been actively engaged as a teacher, transferring her great knowledge to both under- and post- graduate students, residents, and other colleagues. As a teacher, she has improved the teaching process by intro- ducing video and other computer assisted lectures. She has created two videotapes on the topic of ‘brain anatomy as demonstrated by CT’ and numerous teaching tests. Also, she has organized a number of under- and postgraduate courses on various topics, e.g., CT in neuroradiology; Brain ischemia; Basal brain tumors; Arteriovenous mal-

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