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What have to say on corruption and vice versa

Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Society of Jesus
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  • Corruption
  • Virture
  • Human Dignity
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The purpose oj this article ispersuade men to virtuous behaviour even as opposed to corrupt behaviour, which being thefruit ofegoism andgreed, has a destructive effect upon relations betvveen individuals and also at the institutional level. Corruption un-dermines the foundations oj human dignity and human equality. The only way to combat corruption is with an education in values. In other words, only integral moral personalities who have grown to adulthood in a world ofvalues and whose upbringing was based on values can become today's guides on the road leading out of corruption and tovvard the establishment of a society in which the dignity of the human being is respected. Politicians with a Christian worldview must take it upon themselves to become leaders in combating corruption, since they, moreso than others, have the mo-tivation, light and strength for this vocation which they must look upon as a ministry - a specific work oflove ofone's neighbour.

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