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Avant-garde architecture

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A R C H I T E C T U R E "THE DESIRE TO DEVELOP THE PROJECT OF THE MODERN MOVEMENT, TO CONTEXTUALIZE IT, TO MOULD IT AND IF NECESSARY IMPROVE IT, MADE CLEAR THAT WHAT WAS HAPPENING HERE COINCIDED WITH WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE MAJORITY OF OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES". JOSEP MARlA MONTANER A R C H I T E C T A R C H I T E C T U R E he most outstanding feature of serious Catalan architecture du- ring the eighties is the synthesis between, on the one hand, th; recrea- tion of a rich tradition -which can be called the collective architectural sub- conscious-, and on the other, the cons- tant desire to interpret the movements which appear on the international scene. The modernization process of Catalan architecture, begun during the Neoclassical period and slow to absorb the modern body of European architec- tural knowledge, showed, with Mo- dernism, that it was lagging behind that of other countries. We remember the figures of Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domé- nech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cada- falch. During the fifties, a movement emerged which tried to overcome the recession into which architecture had fallen during the forties, by recovering the tradition of Catalan rationalism -with such mythical names as Josep Torres Clavé and Josep Lluís Sertand tuning it to the international reality. The work of these architects -who cal- led themselves Group R- culminated in the School of Barcelona of the sixties, made up of architects such as Bohigas, Martorell and Mackay, Correa i Mila, Tous i Fargas, Josep María Sostres, José Antonio Coderch and Antoni de Mora- gas. This desire to develop the project of the modern movement, to contextua- lize it, to mould it and if necessary im- prove it, made clear that what was hap- pening here coincided with what was happening in the majority of other de- veloped countries. This spirit of the school or group still predominates in some of the present architects. We refer to cases such as Bach and Mora -creator

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