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Nucleotide Sequence of the Long Terminal Repeat and Flanking Cellular Sequences of Avian Endogenous Retrovirus ev-2: Variation in Rous-Associated Virus-0 Expression Cannot Be Explained by Differences in Primary Sequence

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  • Animal Viruses


A fragment of chicken DNA containing the left long terminal repeat of endogenous retrovirus ev-2 and flanking cellular sequences has been molecularly cloned and analyzed. Comparison with sequence data from the analogous regions of ev-1 and Rous-associated virus-0 viral DNA reveals similarities among flanking regions of the integrated proviruses and among all three long terminal repeats. From the latter finding, we conclude that the difference in level of expression of ev-2 and its progeny Rous-associated virus-0 provirus cannot be due to sequence differences in their upstream long terminal repeats.

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