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The adult basic skills ESOL curriculum. Draft

Basic Skills Agency
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The Adult Basic Skills ESOL Curriculum Draft 2 Draft The Basic SkilIs Agency would like to thank the following for their contribution to the development of the Curriculum: Martin Good, CTAD Freda Hollin, CTAD Heather Clary, Consultant Karen Davies, Business and Education Consultancy Andrew Steeds, Consultant Sue Henderson, Birmingham Core Skills Partnership Norma Yates, BCSP; Trish Cavalot, BCSP Nicky Thorpe, BCSP Mark Houlton, Consultant Linda Horne, Consultant Lynn Tranter, Cambridge University School of Education Noyona Chanda, LLLU Madeline Held, LLLU Helen Sutherland, LLLU and from the Basic Skills Agency: Jim Pateman Gay Lobley. © The Basic Skills Agency Commonwealth House, 1-19 New Oxford Street, London WClA lNU Reproduction, storage, adaptation or translation, in any form or by any means, of this publication is prohibited without prior written permission of the publisher, unless within the terms of licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency. Excerpts may be reproduced for the purpose of research, private study, criticism or review, or by educational institutions solely for educational purposes, without permission provided full acknowledgement is given. Published July 2000 ISBN 1 85990 124 7 Design: Studio 21 Acknowledgements Draft 3 Contents Introduction 6 1. Background 6 2. Implementation 6 Section 1: Standards and the New Basic Skills Curriculum 9 1. The Standards 10 2. The Basic Skills Levels 10 3. The Curriculum 11 Section 2: A New ESOL Curriculum 13 1. Skills, Context and Practice 14 2. Making the Curriculum work 14 Section 3: The Curriculum Framework 17 The ESOL Curriculum 18 Introduction: 18 1. About this Section 18 2. Relating the Curriculum to the Standards 18 3. Speaking and Listening 18 4. Reading and Writing: Text, Sentence and Word 19 Speaking – Entry Level 1 20 Speaking – Entry Level 2 30 Speaking – Entry Level 3 43 Speaking – Level 1 56 Speaking – Level 2 68 Listening – Entry Level

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