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Strategic Routeing and Environmental Impact Assessment for Overhead Electrical Transmission Lines

  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Geography


High-voltage, high-capacity overhead lines are the economic and reliable choice for the bulk transmission of electricity throughout the world. The routeing of transmission lines is a complex process, and in the UK requires a balance to be struck between statutory obligations, engineering requirements, economic viability, land use and the environment. Transmission line routeing projects can rightly generate considerable public interest and debate, but issues often focus on local effects such as visual amenity rather than the wider benefits of the project to society as a whole. Given the extent of their public and regulatory scrutiny, the environmental statements of such schemes must be objective and transparent in the approach adopted to the routeing strategy. The approach outlined is based on the premise that the major effect of an overhead transmission line is visual and the degree of visual intrusion can be reduced through careful routeing.

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