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Optimal control of shot noise and Fano factor by external fields

  • Mathematics
  • Physics


A method is devised to control the current, shot noise and Fano factor in a molecular junction using external fields. The tunneling of electrons through a molecular junction weakly coupled to two leads in the presence of a time-dependent external field is studied using a quantum master equation approach. By combining optimal control theory and assuming a predefined time-dependent current pattern, an external field can be determined which does generate a current pattern close to the requested one. With this approach the current flow pattern in time can be chosen in an almost arbitrary fashion. The same technique can be applied to control the shot noise. For minimizing the current, the corresponding shot noise decreases but does not vanish. By minimizing the shot noise, the corresponding current also approaches zero for the present model of spinless electrons. Within certain limits the proposed strategy even works well for the control of the Fano factor. Copyright EDP Sciences, SIF, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010

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