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Progress report 1958-1972. Information Memo P-3/73, May 1973

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COMMI$SION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES. KOMMISSION DER EUNOPAISCt.tEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN . COMMISSIONE DELLE coMUNrrA EURopEE . coMMrssrE vAN oE EURopEsE cEMEENscHAppEN . coMMrssroN-OF TilE iunopEiH coMMUNrnEs P - 3 final PE DU PORTE- PAROLE iSPRECHERGRUPPE GRUPPO OEL PORTAVOCE EUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERDER SPOKEsMAN'S GROUP t{0tt 0'[{t0R[|AIt0t{ . |t't0ff[l|AI0flts[l|t A|Jtzil[l|l{l|t{G! rj I it0TA 0'[{t0fl [{AZl0tt|t . IIR [0[|J[|flllAltt. tf{t0n|ttrAlt0t{ |t/|trt|0 3n-'-sseIs, May 1973 PROGRESS REPORT r95ur97Z cd4 lrt{ 5 collsvs Text Box pwilkin Text Box 2, 3y Article p of the treaty of Rone the Conrmrnity is fourd.e.d on a Cugtoms Un:ion. It was roached. in stages and hae the fol.lowing basio featurest l. Abolition of Tnternrl-' nrstons rhrties (o) 1 January 1959 saw the first obligatory cut of lU/" in the a,rnount of duties applied at L.1,L957. (t) 0n I July 1!60 l{ernber States had to apply a secorrd cut whioh could vary by prod.uct but in a^rqr evcnt had to amoult +o 5/" linearLy and 1-0'/o global\r, Actually, as the Corunission'had reconnmendeC, the cut was linear and. IV/o on all procluots, (o) 0n I January Lj6L a further cut d.ecidecl by the Council on 12 May 1960 was appliecl. Tbis was Linear ffid. Lq" for ind.ustriat prod.ucts and. 5o/" tor non'-decontrolled- agrioultural prod.ucts. DeoontroLled agi* oultural p:roducts were nct includ.ed. in this' aocelerated. red.uction. (O) On 1 Janrnry Lp62 as the first phase of Customs Union oane to an end the nornal reduotion prescri'bed" in the lfrea*y was mad.e, lltre d.enand.s of articLe L4.r paragraph 6, to roaoh a reduction of 25/, tar everyproduct we::e largely respected. l[}re gane applicd to tho obligation Articlc L5 to abolieh customd d.uties and. taxation of eguivalent offect on exports. fne Latter, about tbn in nrlnber, were renoved easily. (o) on I July a further ort, d.ecidqd. by the cor:noir on 15 r{a,y lp62 was made ' It a:norrntcd. to LOft for ind.ustrial products. For the farrnprod.uc

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