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Texture Based Image retrieval using Human interactive Genetic Algorithm

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  • Content-Based Image Retrieval (Cbir)
  • Human–Machine Interaction
  • Interactive Genetic Algorithm (Iga)
  • Color Attributes
  • Low-Level Descriptors.
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


Content-based image retrieval has been keenly calculated in numerous fields. This provides more active management and retrieval of images than the keyword-based method. So the content based image retrieval has become one of the liveliest researches in the past few years. As earlier, we were using the text-based approach where it initiate very boring and hard task for solving the purpose of image retrieval. But the CBIR is the method where there are several methodologies are available and the task of image retrieval becomes well easier. In this, there are specific effective methods for CBIR are discussed and the relative study is made. However most of the proposed methods emphasize on finding the best representation for diverse image features. Here, the user-oriented mechanism for CBIR method based on an interactivegenetic algorithm (IGA) is proposed. Color attributes likethe mean value, the standard deviation, and the image bitmap of a color image are used as the features for retrieval. In addition, the entropy based on the gray level co-occurrence matrix and the edge histograms of an image are too considered as the texture features.

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