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Studies of compounds related to Cu(In-xGax)Se solar cells

McGill University
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Crystals of Cu(In1-xGax)3Se 5 were grown by the horizontal and vertical Bridgman methods. A non-contact carbon coating was used to avoid the adhesion between Cu(In1-x Gax)3Se5 ingots and the inner ampoule walls. The composition along and across the as grown ingots with different starting Ga contents was analyzed and the results were interpreted by the established pseudobinary phase diagrams. Results of XRD confirmed that the lattice constants of the Cu(In1-xGax)3Se 5 crystals varied linearly with the Ga content. Results of X-ray Laue back-reflection showed that the Cu(In1-xGax) 3Se5 ingots contained large single crystal regions. Hall effect measurements carried out on the grown samples revealed that the Cu(In 1-xGax)3Se5 crystals were highly resistive with rather low carrier concentrations. The morphology of as-grown or cleaved sample surfaces of the Cu(In1-xGax) 3Se5 ingots were also studied under optical microscope and SEM.

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