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Kierunki badań nad historią prasy polskiej 1918-1939. Cz. 1, Tendencje rozwojowe, typologia

Polska Akademia Nauk. Oddz. w Krakowie. Komisja Prasoznawcza
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  • Bb. Bibliometric Methods.
  • Ea. Mass Media.


[History of the Polish Press 1918–1939: Research Directions Part 1. Research directions, typology]. This is a survey of studies published in 1945-2009 on the history of the Polish press in the interwar period. The article is based on a databank of citations (7,338 references). The total number of studies focused on that period amounts to 2195 items, among them 243 books, 1375 articles from periodicals, 411 theses (from books), 141 sections of monographs and 24 booklets.

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