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Influence of Attitude, School Facilities and Teacher Characteristics on the Performance of Secondary School Teachers Working in Rural Areas

International Journal of African and Asian Studies
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The successful running of any education system depends upon the teacher, the pupil, the curriculum and the facilities. Teacher is the most important one and the pivot on whom the entire educational structure rests. For many teachers this is earnestly to be hoped; with regard to others, it is a despairing thought. It seems reasonable to assume that good teachers – those who are skilful in developing understanding of the world in which man lives, in rightful with respect to the ways and means of stimulating intellectual appetites and capable of patience, understanding and sincere feelings for others – may pave the way for an enlightened and productive society. Poor teaching – contrariwise would seem to be significant contributor of its unfortunate share to the perpetuation of ignorance, misunderstanding and intellectual and cultural stagnation. A teacher who is considered to be competent i.e. possessing all the desirable / required characteristics and attitude may also fail to perform his duties to the expected level. A competent teacher who works in a congenial atmosphere having all the facilities a standard school requires, stands a better chance of giving an amazing performance than a teacher who is equally competent but short of such a school atmosphere and school facilities. The secondary school education is a critical phase, as it is preparatory time for higher education or for vocational training. Moreover the pupils will be in their adolescence which is viewed as a crucial stage in their lives. The efficient teachers are essential during this period. Efficient teaching depends upon attitude, school facilities and teacher characteristics to some extent. Keeping this in view, the present investigation is proposed to study the influence of attitude, school facilities and teacher characteristics on the performance of teachers working in secondary schools located in rural areas of Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh State.

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