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"Belgian participation in the European decision making process. The impact of cultural aspects of Europeanisation on the success of coordination in a federal country"

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  • Belgium
  • Europeanisation/Europeanization & European Identity
  • Agriculture Policy
  • Decision Making/Policy-Making
  • Environmental Policy (Including International Arena)
  • Agricultural Science
  • Ecology
  • Geography


[From the Introduction]. All these elements make federal states like Belgium critical cases for testing our hypotheses about the influence of cultural Europeanisation (in terms of recognition of the European Union as an important policy arena) on structural coordination (in terms of successful coordination practice). We will focus our study on agricultural and environmental policy in Belgium. Although both are highly comparable due to the huge European input and the mainly regional competences, there are clear differences in the workings of coordination mechanisms in both fields. Using survey data on the evaluation of coordination mechanisms by Belgian officials in the agricultural and environmental domain on the one hand and on their recognition of the EU as an important policy arena on the other hand, we will investigate whether their European attitude has some influence on the coordination performance. More than putting the recognition of Europe forward as the most important factor explaining coordination success, our aim is to explore whether it has some value as an explanatory variable.

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