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Supporting siblings of children with a rare chromosome disorder

Tim Parker, Ed. & Pub.
Publication Date
  • 130312 Special Education And Disability
  • 170102 Developmental Psychology And Ageing
  • Siblings
  • Rare Chromosome Disorders
  • Children
  • Support


Siblings play an important role in children’s learning and development. Interactions with brothers and sisters provide opportunities to learn about sharing and emotional reciprocity, to develop social skills, to express thoughts and feelings, and to practise resolving conflict. But for children whose brother or sister has a disability, such as a rare chromosome disorder, some of these sibling experiences may be different. Many parents worry about how their non-disabled child will be affected by the experience of living with a brother or sister with a disability, and a great deal of research has explored both the possible negative consequences and also the potential benefits for siblings. In this article, we summarise the research findings and provide suggestions for ways that parents can support the positive development and well-being of all their children.

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