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Recommendation to include methyldibromo glutaronitrile in the European standard patch test series.

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Unknown Recommendation to include methyldibromo glutaronitrile in the European standard patch test series MAGNUS BRUZE1, AN GOOSSENS2 AND BIRGITTA GRUVBERGER1 ON BEHALF OF THE ESCD AND EECDRG 1Department of Occupational and Environmental Dermatology, University Hospital, Malmo¨, Sweden, and 2Department of Dermatology, University Hospital K. U. Leuven, Belgium The preservative methyldibromo glutaronitrilc (MDBGN) is used non-occupationally and occupationally. High contact allergy rates have been reported when tested in consecutive dermatitis patients as well as clinical cases with allergic contact dermatitis. Up till now there has been no agreement on which patch test preparation to use to trace contact allergy to MDBGN. From the year 2005 on, MDBGN at 0.5%w/w in petrolatum is recommended for the European standard patch test series. The choice of 0.5% is based on consideration of rates of contact allergy, doubtful and irritant reactions, as well as on information on clinical relevance represented by results of a repeated open application test, and patch test concentrations to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis from MDBGN in individual cases. Key words: 1,2-dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane; allergic contact dermatitis; CAS 35691-65-7; clinical relevance; contact allergy; Euxyl K400; methyldibromo glutaronitrile; preservative; Tektamer 38. # Blackwell Munksgaard, 2005. Accepted for publication 22 October 2004 A contact sensitizer should fulfil certain require- ments to justify inclusion in a standard patch test series (1). Its exposure should not be confined to small groups or special occupations, and the con- tact allergy rate in routinely tested dermatitis patients should equal or exceed approximately 1% (1). Furthermore, the contact allergy should be clini- cally relevant in a substantial number of those with demonstrated contact allergy. Thus, thimerosal and gold are currently not candidates for the standard series, although being sensitizers with high contact allergy rates. On the

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