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Elektrokemijsko ispitivanje stabilnosti pasivnog stanja i korozijske otpornosti supermartenzitnog nehrđajućeg čelika

Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS)
Publication Date
  • NehrđAjući Martenzitni čelik
  • Toplinska Obrada
  • Polarizacijsko Ispitivanje
  • Korozijska Svojstva
  • Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Heat Treatment
  • Polarization Test
  • Corrosion Properties
  • Chemistry


On low interstitial - supermartensitic stainless steels (X1CrNiMo 12-5-1, X2CrNiMo 13-6-2, X1CrNiMo 12-6-2) the electrochemical potentiodynamic polarization tests were carried out and the passive state stability and localized corrosion resistance were compared and evaluated. The effect of quenching and tempering as well as the changes in microstructure on polarisation curves and corrosion properties at room temperature were established. Small differences in chemical composition of steels were also registered on their corrosion parameters changes and resistance.

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