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Letter from H. B. Steinbach to Joshua Lederberg

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Dear Jos& : WOODS HOLE. MASSACHUSETTS July 22 1959 Your letter of jluy I.2 just arrived and Im sorry for the delay in re:-ly. I've been putting in some time with the bio- astronautics group meeting here as well as getting some of my own work done. I was glad to hear that you were Fccepting membership on the Space SC. Bd. . That should help a great c?e:r'L 5o~~?:; proaidirh liason with that group and Calvias. I will do nothing more with respect to a purely biological co::mittee unless the need becomes apparent in the future. And I will reply upon your advice as to such future need. At the moment, there is authorization for the Divsion of Biol. amd Ag. of the NRC to establish such a committee if needed. Your idea & sectional meetings sounds $ood but I urge that you wait and &KLk with Calvin about the results of his sessions here before firming U-T any definite plans. All goes well with us. Try and stop @ either here or Chicago when you can. Our best to you and Eqther Sincerely ,*y ~Z'Burr Steinbach

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