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Organización de información geomorfológica orientada a al ordenación y gestión de espacios naturales: el caso de Covalagua y Las Tuerces (Palencia, España)

Real Sociedad Española de Historia Natural
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  • Earth Science
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This paper describes the method for the acquisition (inventory), analysis (evaluation) and diagnosis of geomorphic information aimed at the planning, use and management of the protected areas of Covalagua and Las Tuerces (Palencia province, Spain). The preparation of the regulations which derived from that information is also explained. This is therefore a methodological paper, although the application of its results is also described. The inventory lied in the classification, mapping and description of geomorphic units, always from a perspective of natural resources and protected areas planning. The evaluation was based in an interpretation of that information in terms of capacities for promoting the natural characteristics of the land or restrictions for land uses. This evaluation phase included a specific analysis of the singularity and representativeness of the Las Tuerces bogaz and of the Covalagua doline field. The information which came from that evaluation constituted the diagnosis, aimed at the goals of the planning, use and management of the natural resources. These guidelines were incorporated to the regulations. The procedure developed for the organization of the geomorphic information for the planning and management of Covalagua and Las Tuerces is innovative from a methodological point of view, and it seeks to correct the most common problems of this type of reports, such as: (a) the accumulation of a large quantity of non useful information for the planning and management purposes; (b) the very limited relationship between the information included at the inventory and that included at the phases of evaluation, diagnosis and regulations. Additionally, is not only that the procedure can be seen as a methodological contribution, but also that the geology and geomorphology of this area constitute the basis for the understanding of the essential characteristics of the land. Therefore, their study served as the basis for the subsequent ecologic and landscape analysis, in addition to allow a specific recognition of the geologic and geomorphic heritage.

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