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Euratom ready for first political test. Bulletin from the European Community for Coal and Steel. No. 15, May 1956.

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M A Y 1 9 5 61 NO. 15 EUBIITOM READIED rOB riRST POI.ITICAI. TEST l'ol'eign Ministel's Meet This Month l'o C:hal't l'atal'e 01 Eal'opean Atomic Pool Pl'oposal. On the 29th of May, the Foreign Ministers of the six Coal and Steel Community nations will meet in Venice to dis- cuss twin proposals set forth in an intergovernmental report for the creation of a nuclear energy community and a single market for Western Europe's entire economy. Under the direction of Belgium's Foreign Minister, M. Paul-Henri Spaak, the report was prepared by teams of technicians and economists from the six Coal and Steel Community countries, working over a span of more than eight months. The so-called Brussels Intergovernmental Committee Report is the outcome of a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Six held a year ago in Messina, Sicily. At that time, a compromise agreement among the Ministers rejected a Benelux demand for an immediate treaty con- vention to carry out new unity steps and instead created a "New Start Committee" under M. Spaak's leadership to study the new Benelux proposals which included an atomic pool and a customs union. At the end of March, a 150-page report emerged from the Committee's steering group. Containing the substance for a treaty, the report was handed over to the chief of each governmental delegation to the Brussels Committee who, in turn, submitted it informally to his own government. Following careful study by individual governments, on April 18th the delegation leaders returned once again to Brussels. They carried with them some 150 new amend- ments to the report, suggested by their governments. The amendments were immediately incorporated into the Report, the amended version initialed by each delegate, and the way was opened to the next stage, a full-dress meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Six. When the Ministers meet at the end of this month, they will have before them a report already studied and amended by their Governments. Providin

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