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An Undescribed Teleonemia from Florida and Jamaica (Hemip.)

Florida Entomologist
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F5he Florida Buggist Official Organ of the Florida Entomological Society VOL III AUTUMN NUMBER NO. 2 SEPTEMBER, 1919 (Printed in November) *MOSQUITOES FOUND ABOUT GAINESVILLE, FLA. By U. C. LOFTIN PART I. SPECIES, BREEDING PLACES, MOSQUITOES AND DISEASE, NATURAL ENEMIES, PREVENTIVES Mosquitoes have been known to man since time immemorial, but so far as we ;know, there has been only one man who was thankful for their existence. In the Old Testament we find that when King Saul was seeking David to slay him, he was asleep in a cave one night when David entered and secured his spear and a bit of his robe. In the Talmud version of this story, we are told that King Saul was guarded by Abner who had stretched himself across the entrance of the cave so that David had to crawl over him to enter. As David was leaving, Abner turned and threw his leg over David's ankle. If David moved, Abner would awaken and kill him; if he waited, day would come and death would follow. The Lord seeing David's predicament, sent a mosquito to bite Abner and cause him to move his foot, thus freeing David who went away thankful and praising God for sending the mosquito. Since that time, man has considered them a nuisance-not only this, but the more recent discoveries have shown them to be transmitters of disease and one of the greatest menaces to public health with which we have to contend. Mosquitoes are found everywhere, from the frozen arctic regions to the depths of the tropical jungle. When Linnaeus, in 1758, published his catalogue of all the animals then known to exist, he recorded only six species of mosquitoes. Theobald *Thesis presented at the Univ. of Fla., in 1913, for the degree of Master of Science. We recommend the goods advertised in The Florida Buggist. Please mention Buggist when you write our 'advertisers. .14j 3 PLATE I. Culex quinquefasciatus. (1) Egg rafts (enlarged). (2) Larvae (Wig- glers) showing long anal or respiratory tube and oblique a

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