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Induction of settlement and metamorphosis of planktonic molluscan (Haliotis) larvae. III. Signaling by metabolites of intact algae is dependent on contact

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  • Chemistry


Classical models of chemical signaling mechanisms which govern various aspects of the behavior, reproduction and development of animals in aqueous environments have been based largely upon well-characterized systems of chemoreception, chemotaxis and chemosensory behavior in response to concentration gradients of freely diffusible chemical inducers in aqueous or gaseous media (see, for example, Grant and Mackie, 1974; Shorey, 1976). In contrast, we recently have identified a mechanism of chemical signaling and induction governing the behavioral and developmental metamorphosis of certain planktonic molluscan larvae which is mediated, at least in part, by contact-dependent recognition of covalently complexed (or sequestered) non-diffusing algal metabolites.

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