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A Study of the English Translations of the Qur'anic Verb Phrase: The Derivatives of the Triliteral

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  • Affixes
  • Derivatives
  • Infixated
  • Quadrilateral And Triliteral
  • Verb Phrase


The present study is concerned with throwing light on the accuracy of the English translations of the Arabic triliteral verb derivatives as found in Qur'ãnic ayahs. The triliteral can be affixated with one radical, two radicals or three radicals to obtain such derivatives that have senses distinct from the base forms. This holds true of the derivatives of the quadrilateral. It is hypothesized that the English translations of such ayahs seem mainly inaccurate to convey the same senses from the source text into the target text. To validate this, ayahs containing such derivatives have been randomly chosen, and their renderings have been assessed. It has been found out that the senses of the derivatives of the triliteral were, generally, imprecisely translated. Moreover, some verb derivatives are alternatively used to express the same senses.

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