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Tvořivé proměny odpadových materiálů v mateřské škole

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  • Odpadový Materiál
  • Ekologická Výchova
  • Metodické Postupy
  • Experiment
  • Waste Materials
  • Ecological
  • Metodology
  • Expenence
  • Ecology


In my diploma thesis I deal with the usageof the waste materials in the nursery schoul based on the expenence and the manipulation. The thesis consists of thrce parts. In theoretical part I deal with the type sof the waste materials, the description of materials and the ecological adecation in preschool age. The practical part is based on the metodology which id tounded on the experimental game and the manipulation with the waste materials. The metodology is based on the everyday subjekt in the nursery schoul.

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