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Guaranteed Anti-Sway Operation of an Overhead Crane: A Cascaded Backstepping Approach

American V-King Scientific Publishing, LTD
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  • Real-Time Control
  • Cascaded Backstepping
  • Underactuated System
  • Lyapunov Based Stability
  • Overhead Crane
  • Stabilization Zone And Swinging Zone
  • Computer Science


This paper presents a novel real-time robust nonlinear control law exploring a cascaded backstepping control approach to deal with the benchmark control problem of anti-sway operation of an overhead crane with restricted travel. The overall control algorithm has been partitioned into two separate controllers: one for position control of the crane, and the other for the anti-sway operation of the payload in spite of the motion constraints and external disturbances. Here, the cascaded backstepping method has been explored to ensure the guaranteed anti-sway operation of the overhead crane. The effectiveness of the proposed control law has been verified by experimental studies in hard real-time. The experimental results show that the proposed control laws are quite efficacious in achieving the overall control objectives.

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