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Система стратегического планирования деятельности предприятий

Private enterprise "Technology Center"
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  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy
  • Change Management
  • System Of The Strategic Planning.
  • стратегический менеджмент
  • стратегия
  • управление изменениями
  • система стратегического планирования
  • стратегічний менеджмент
  • стратегія
  • управління змінами
  • система стратегічного планування
  • УДК 330.341.1
  • Medicine


The review of researches of strategic management is resulted in the article, especially features of strategic administrative decisions, strategic diagnostics, in the system of the strategic planning of activity of enterprises, and the problems of leadership, development of strategic thinking and social aspects of business conduct in a modern variable environment also.

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