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Geology of the south Hopewell Sound area, east of Hudson Bay, province of Quebec and Northwest Territories.

McGill University
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  • Geological Sciences.


The South Hopewell Sound area is one of complex Precambrian geology. The present study was suggested by Professor E. H. Kranck of McGill University who visited the area during a journey of research along the east coast of Hudson Bay and James Bay in the summer of 1947. Field work in the area was carried out during the summers of 1959 and 1960. The McGill Carnegie Arctic Institute financed the summer work in 1959. The field work of the summer of 1960 was carried out under the auspices of the Quebec Department of Natural Resources. The area studied is approximately 480 square miles in extent, including the mainland and the coastal islands. The mainland is part of the province of Quebec and the coastal islands are part of the Keewatin District of the Northwest Territories.

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