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Research and technological development activities of the European Union. 1999 Annual report. COM (99) 284 final/2, 25 June 1999

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CORRIGENDUM Nouvelle Version COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 25.06.1999 COM( 1999) 284 final /2 . Annulc ct remplace celle du 16.06.1999 CONCERNELES11LANGUES REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION 1999 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY Article 173 (ex-130p) ofthe Treaty establishing the European Community requires the Commission to send the European Parliament and the Council a report every year on the research and technological development activities of the European Union. This report takes stock of the general direction ofRTD policy, ofthe principal activities in 1998 and ofthe outlook for 1999. Adoption of a new research policy The most important development in Community research policy was the adoption of the 5'h Framework Programme of the European Community (1998 to 2002) by the European Parliament and the Council in December 1998. This enables the new research policy to be put into action from the start of 1999. As a result, Community research is adapted to the context created by the launch of the single· currency and the start of accession negotiations with a view to enlargement of the Union, bringing Europe greater economic integration and closer to its historical and cultural frontiers. However, the major challenge in Europe is still employment which depends, increasingly, on high- tech sectors and on use of new technologies by traditional industries and SMEs. The new Framework Programme concentrates resources principally on 23 key actions meeting the priority needs of society, paying particular attention to the potential for applying the results. Its 14.96 billion euro budget is 3% higher in real terms (allowing for inflation) than that of the 4th Framework Programme. It will be characterised by greater transparency, with new External Advisory Groups, improvements in the flow of information to the Council and the European Parliament, as well as fully revamped manage

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