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OSU fee tracking

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This project describes a web-based information management system which has been widely used by staff members and students at OSU. Without this system, it was very hard for the staff members to manage a variety of fees; for example, if they want to change a certain fee, staff members had to send email messages to notify every student and other staff members. For students, it was also hard to find out the latest fees of courses. Now, with the support of this system, it brought a bridge between staff members and students. There are four roles in this project; the first role is administrator who can manage course fees, course fee proposals, departments, and originators and so on. The second role is committee who can browse fees, search fees, and vote confirmation. The third role is originator whose responsibilities are creating course fees, dropping course fees, creating proposal, and withdrawing proposals. The last role is the guest who just can view various fees and download the fee book, but they can not change anything on the web site. With these four integrated roles, we can easily and efficiently manage the fees and streamline the workflow. This project was realized with the latest Microsoft technologies such as .Net C#,,, three-tier architecture, SQL Server 2005 and design pattern. It is also managed by the software engineering tools. The milestone and time schedule was set to control the risk of the software development.

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